Monday, July 30, 2007

I couldn't resist...

I have definitely been bitten by the knitted toys bug! Making the alpacas was so much fun, and I have seen some really cute toys on blogs that I frequent. I have been trying to decide what toy to make next, and then I say this post on Kathryn Ivy (thanks for making such darling knitted toys Grace!). It's and octopus, and it is so cute! So, I rushed right over to Etsy and bought the pattern. I know, I am a copycat! But I really love the pattern, and I think this little guy will make an awesome addition to my knitted toy collection.

I have some Cascade 220 that I can use to make a couple of the little cephalopods. I think these colors will make some fun combos.

I will not start this pattern until I finish my chevron scarf....I must have some discipline! :) The scarf is close to 40 inches long now, so it will not take much longer to finish up. I will definitely post some pictures when it is complete. I love the pattern, and I cannot say enough good things about the yarn. I have already picked out another color combo from my stash to use for a second one. I think they will make great gifts.