Monday, October 8, 2007

Relief Part II

Yes, that's right the pignoli bag is completely finished. Hooray! Finishing this bag was a group effort. My friend and knitting idol Barbara helped me with the finishing and felting process, and my fantastic hubby spent 3 days perfecting the art of riveting in order to attach the handle. I am so lucky.....I couldn't have finished this without their help.

This bag is huge. It is 22 in wide and 12 in tall. I can fit a ton of things in it, and it hugs my shoulder just right. When it is on the shoulder it forms a perfect crescent shape. The fabric is super soft and flexible, but it still holds a basic shape. The original handle was awful, and it was way too narrow to support the bag. I cut it off immediately. Thank goodness I had a great substitute available.

Here are some photos...they are not my best pics, but this bag was hard to capture.

I am very happy with the way the colors meld together. I made the gussets with chocolate brown cascade. You will be able to see the gusset a bit better in one of the other photos.

Here is a detail shot of the side of the bag. The handles are riveted on to the gussets. I stole this handle from a very expensive purse that I never used. It was a beautiful suede purse that shed like a balding cat. I was never going to use the purse, but I loved this handle. Now I can enjoy it.

I love the way the colors carry under the bag. Such a neat detail.

Here is the bag with nothing in it. The shape is so feminine. I blocked it by filling it full of towels and using clothes pins to create the creases for the tie.

Last photo I promise....I just wanted to show the shape when it's full. Plus in this shot you can see the handle a bit better. See how big!?! By the way, this is my favorite chair. It looks like an adult version of a doll house chair. So big and comfy.

Overall I would recommend this bag. It became tedious, but it was a very simple pattern. It's a great stash buster. It felted easily, and it was so easy to block. I am considering adding grommets so that the leather tie can slide easier. What do you think?