Friday, February 1, 2008

Project Spectrum Begins

I am so excited about the official start of Project Spectrum. I have already had a lot of fun scoping out patterns and yarn. I have done lots of online window shopping, and a few purchases for the opening element....FIRE. My favorite colors are reds, oranges and pink so the first theme is going to be a lot of fun for me. My first project will be revealed this weekend since it is almost finished.

I picked up this gorgeous Mountain Colors Bearfoot at my LYS last night. I have heard so many rave reviews about this line that I just had to have it. It is a lucsious cherry red in person, but all the pictures I took washed the color out a bit. But trust me, it is really yummy in person. I love it, and I cannot wait to knit with it. I am just searching for the right pattern.

I was honored with the You Make My Day award by Peaknits. I enjoy her blog so much, and I was so happy to see that she passed this along to me. Part of this honor is to pass it along to 10 other bloggers who bring me joy. Well, this is a hard task. I have "met" some really amazing people through this blog process, and it is very hard to pick just 10.

Hobbygasa: I absolutely adore all of her projects, no exaggeration. :) She is very creative and super sweet.

Soto Softies: Maritza's little toys always make me smile. I have yet to get my hands on one, but I swear that one Friday I will make it home in time to take advantage of her shop updates.

Little Cotton Rabbits: I am lucky enough to have two of Julie's lovely little bunnies, and they are a constant source of joy for me. I love them to death, and I really enjoy reading her blog. She is also a super nice person.

Very Pink: I look forward to Staci's antics each week. I love her babies (dogs), and I really enjoy seeing her projects.

Yarn for Brains
: Adrienne and Karen give me so many ideas!

Country Girl Zine: Beck creates really beautiful sock blockers, and her blogging style is so down to earth. I really enjoy checking in to see what she is up to.

Pischi Days: If you want to ogle some lovely socks check out Pischi's site.

Kathryn Ivy: Alice and Grace are AWESOME! I am inspired by them constantly.

Nutty Irishman Knits: Jen is a really funny writer, and I look forward to her posts. I love the hats she has been working on lately.

Sockaholic: If you want to droll over some sock yarn and creative knitting head on over here.

It was really hard to pick just 10 out of the blogs I read regularly. For those I nominated, pass this award along to 10 other bloggers if you so choose. No pressure I promise.