Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wow...that's a big hat

It has taken all the will power I have not to start on the Fiddlehead Mittens this week. I immediately wanted to cast on, but once I got set up I realized that I currently had 3 projects in need of finishing. Now, I do not mean that I only have 3 way! I have been consistently working on these three projects, and I am very excited about finishing them. So I decided to finish two of them and then reward myself with the mittens.

I finished one of them this week, my Inga Hat. This is a seriously large hat. It fits my head snuggly, but it is so tall! This was my first stranded project, and I made a few mistakes. First, I should not have used cotton to knit this hat. You are knitters, and I am sure you know why this was a bad idea. Second, I kept knitting so tight, and now I need to block the poor thing to death. But overall I am very happy with the results. I absolutely LOVE the braid on the bottom. It was my favorite part of this hat. It still needs to be blocked, but here is my trusty model giving it a test run.

I am going to knit this hat again for sure, but I am going to use Adrian's modifications so that it is a bit smaller. I like how she adapted the pattern. :) I have some yarn in my stash that will suit it well.

I am off to finish off one more project so that I can move closer to working on my mittens. Let's see if I can hold out.