Monday, April 28, 2008

Mindless Knitting

I have been working on so many (way too many) long and involved projects lately. I realized over the weekend that I needed a dose of mindless knitting. I usually derive more enjoyment from harder patterns, but with the chaos last week I just needed an instant gratification project. So, I marched right on over to my Ravelry queue, and searched for something simple and fun. Of course I found just what the doctor ordered.

I decided to cast on the Mug and French Press Jacket pattern designed by M.K. Carroll. I used gumboots modifications to knit the project in the round so that I could easily slip it on and off my vast collection of travel mugs. I present to you my cute little drink cozy.

I used Cascade 220 super wash so that this cozy will be low maintenance. Doesn't it look adorable on my favorite pink tumbler?!?

It is also quite stylish on my generic bottle of water. I used it today at my office and it kept my bottle cooler for much longer. Plus, no condensation! Usually I have to precariously balance my water bottle on napkins or worse...drink it room temperature. But now I can bring my cold water to meetings without worrying about ruining desks, tables, papers, etc. I love it.

The best part of this project was that it was super easy. I know it doesn't look simple, but trust me the stitch pattern is very easy to memorize. It only took about 2 hours to complete, and it used hardly any yarn. These have been added to my gift knitting list for the holidays. They are so versatile. I am going to make some more in more colors and different cables. Just think, I may actually have a wardrobe for my drinks. I wonder if this will curb my compulsive mug/thermos/bottle purchasing.....