Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our new hedgie and a contest!

That's right everyone, the hedgie has arrived. My husband and I picked him up on Saturday in North Port Florida. That is about 4 hours away from our home, so it was truly a day trip. We arrived at the breeder's home around 1:30pm, and she opened the door with our new little baby in her hands. We immediately went inside and she handed him over to me. Now, I will be honest with you here...I don't think I listened to anything else once I had him in my hands. I was just so focused on him. I fell in love instantly. Thank goodness my husband took everything in.

The breeder, Shelly, was so sweet. She answered all of our questions, made sure that we understood everything, and she even introduced us to her other hedgehogs. She has about 15! They were so cute, and we even got to see the brand new babies that just arrived. Shelly made sure that we knew that hedgehogs need about a week to adjust to their new families. During that adjustment period they will be standoffish and shy. We were there about 30 minutes, and then we were on our way home.

We decided to name our little guy Oy. We have been debating names for a couple of weeks now, and we chose Oy as an homage to one of our favorite novel characters. So no, his name is not Oy as in Oy Vey. :) Although my friends like to tease me about that. We have been spending at least an hour a day with him since Saturday to help him get used to us and the noises in our house like dogs barking and our neighbors "music". He is doing well so far, but he has raised his quills a lot. Yes they hurt. But only if he is really frightened. He really is just trying to make us leave him alone when he does it. Shelly assured me that this is only temporary. When he is playing or snuggling in his blanket with me on the couch he is soft to the touch.

Ok, I know you are all just dying for pictures, but let me warn you first. He is CONSTANTLY in motion. He is so playful, and he is darn near impossible to photograph. But I do have a few really cute blurry photos to share.

Here he is with my husband. They are doing great together. Animals are naturally drawn to him.
Most hedgehogs love to play with toilet paper tubes. I don't know why, but man they go berserk! Oy played with this one for at least 30 minutes. He rolled it around, stuck his head in it, and chased it.

Everyone asks me, "why do you want a hedgehog?". It's the same reason some people buy a puppy, or a cat. A hedgie is a great pet. I grew up on a farm, and I honestly miss being around so many different types of animals. Plus hedgies are so cute, they are low maintenance, they are playful and smart. If you want to read more about them you can read the Wiki or go to Hedgehog Central. Oy is absolutely adorable, and we love him dearly. I will continue to share photos (hopefully some decent ones).

Now for the contest. I have put together a fantastic hedgehog themed prize. The winner will receive the Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog pattern, the yarn needed to make one hedgie, and child proof eyes. Just leave a comment between now and Sunday night to enter your name. Monday morning I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. Make sure you come by on Monday to see if you have won.