Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Hubby Did Good

December is a very busy month for our family. On top of the holidays, my wedding anniversary is just a few days before Christmas, we have lots of birthdays, and other family members have their anniversaries in December as well. So, the month is always a bit crazy for us, but in a good way. We had a great holiday season in my house this year. We were able to travel around the state to see family, play with nieces and nephews, and spend quality time with each other. It was a great time.

Since our anniversary is so close to Christmas my husband and I usually agree to get one present for both. We are both very hard to buy for, so this reduces the pressure on us. Then we always go out for a romantic dinner. Well, this year my husband out did himself. He actually got me a knitting gift this year. Here is what he got for me.

He purchased the Noni Medallion Travel Bag pattern (Noni link), needles, yarn (12 hanks of Cascade), and the leather Noni handles to match. I had mentioned this pattern a few times over the last couple of months when talking about my projects for 2009. I was so excited! We placed the order for all the materials together on our anniversary since he wanted me to choose the colors I wanted to use, and all the materials arrived last week. Thanks babe for such a thoughtful and generous gift.

I chose to use the mint green for the background, and the dark brown for the pattern. The color combo reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I am really excited about starting the project. I cast on during my knitting group on Sunday, and everyone there thinks I am a bit nuts for taking on this project. It is going to be huge pre-felting, and still be pretty big when it is all done. But that is what I want. I really like large bags, and I have a special trip coming up in April (more details on that a bit later) that I am going to use it for. I am planning on really diving in this week to the bag, but I want to take the chart to Kinkos and have it blown up first. My eyes will cross if I read it as is. Plus, I like to highlight the rows when I work with charts to help me keep track of where I am .

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Now, I need to go and catch up on all my blog reading. :)